A Message from Cape Coral Police Chief Anthony Sizemore

“On behalf of the men & women of the Cape Coral Police Department, I would like to personally welcome you to our department’s recruitment webpage. 

The Cape Coral Police Department is growing. We’re looking for Police Officers and Professional Staff to join our team.

If you desire a career in law enforcement, or if you are already in law enforcement and thinking of making a move to a better agency…we encourage you to BE BRAVE.

If you are looking for a police department that is committed to excellence, that invests in the highest level of training, state of the art equipment, some of the highest compensation in all Southwest Florida, and whose vision is to be the premier law enforcement agency in Florida…then you strive to BE BEST.

If you want to work for a police department with community support that is rivaled by no one, that is committed to 21st Century Policing, where you can truly make a difference…we want you to BE CAPE.”

Click here to visit the Cape Coral Police Website

Six Pillars of 21st Century Policing

1. Building Trust and Legitimacy

2. Policy and Oversight

3. Technology and Social Media

4. Community Policing and Crime Reduction

5. Officer Training and Education

6. Officer Safety and Wellness


Interested candidates will apply online. Those who pass the application process will be invited to a monthly two-day testing opportunity which includes a written test, physical agility test, swim test and an oral board interview with three members of the police department.

Passing this two-day testing results in the candidate receiving a conditional offer letter, pending the passing of a polygraph, physical, drug screen and background screen.

The next step is attending the Law Enforcement Academy (for candidates not already certified). This is 24-weeks of schooling, culminating with the successful passing of the state exam.

Cape Coral Police Department then requires an additional six-weeks of internal training, known as pre-deployment. This involves educating candidates on internal policies, processes, computer programs, paperwork, etc. It also includes additional training on high liability aspects of the job.