Trust between law enforcement agencies and the people they protect and serve is essential in a democracy. It is key to the stability of our communities, the integrity of our criminal justice system, and the safe and effective delivery of policing services.

Patrol Bureau

Patrol officers provide a uniformed response to calls for service, provide traffic enforcement, act as a visible deterrent to crime, and protect the community. All sworn officers must start on the patrol bureau.

Investigative Services Bureau

The Investigative Services Bureau consists of detectives who conduct complex, sensitive and/or long-term criminal investigations. These detectives work in the following areas:

• Special Victims Unit • Financial Crimes
• Major Crimes • Vice Investigation
and Narcotics
• Property Crimes

Special Ops Bureau

The Special Ops Bureau comprises personnel with highly specialized training, expertise, and equipment to support other Cape Coral Police Department units.

• K9 •DUI
• Marine •SWAT
• Traffic Homicide


Community Services

The Community Services division provides safety and educational services to the community, along with providing security checks. Programs include:

•School Resource Officers •Child Car Seat Checks
•Community Oriented Police (COP) Unit

Professional Standards Bureau

The responsibility of the Professional Standards Bureau is to better serve the community through the following areas:

• Hiring

• Internal Affairs

• Accreditation

Training Unit

The Training Unity is responsible for conducting all Pre-Deployment Training to new recruits, as well as on-going training to all CCPD officers.

Professional Staff

For those who wish to provide their services and knowledge to  law enforcement, without being a sworn officer, the following units are available:

• Forensics

• Evidence

• Dispatch